London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
JaRco Consulting is supporting the improvement of maternal and newborn child health in a long-term partnership with LSHTM to determine the quality of interactions between families and frontline workers, to understand the factors influencing implementation and to analyze the relationship between successfully disseminated implementation models and improved survival at scale. Additional activities that JaRco is undertaking include assessing the potential for scaling up interventions and disseminating best practices for M&E in maternal and newborn health.
WFP Long-Term Agreement to Provide Evaluations in Africa
JaRco Consulting has been awarded a long-term agreement to supply evaluation services within 34 sub-Saharan African countries for the World Food Programme. The agreement will see JaRco put together teams of national and international experts to provide the management and implementation of evaluations covering Anglophone and Francophone Africa. We will evaluate work conducted under four categories of WFP‘s operations: Protracted relief and recovery operations; Country programmes; Development projects; and Special operations.
Federal Ministry of Health/Children’s Investment Fund Foundation - Evaluation of the Senior Midwives Project
JaRco’s overall objective is to provide a systematic review of the effectiveness and quality of the Senior Midwife placement model in building healthcare provider capacity. The study will support the Federal Ministry of Health in identifying areas where greater institutional capacity is required in order to strengthen the model of promoting mentor ship with Senior Midwives, and will help to highlight alternatives that may improve performance and cost-efficiency.
UNICEF - Monitoring and Evaluation Component of the End Child Marriage project in Amhara
JaRco will put in place an M&E system to monitor the project over its 5 year duration. The project measures qualitative and quantitative indicators related to early marriage, and explore changes in knowledge, attitudes and practices among the communities living in the Amhara region. JaRco will develop an evaluation plan, conduct the base, mid and endline evaluations, as well as conduct regular monitoring. Throughout, JaRco will provide UNICEF and MOWCYA with a knowledgeable, close-by and attentive research partner that will help generate the information needed to ensure the ECM programme is implemented as best as possible. We will then leave in place an improved system for monitoring ECM in Amhara that will be owned by MOWCYA and the BOWCYA and can be implemented at regular points after the three years of this assignment.
Pact Ethiopia - Baseline Survey of the Service Delivery and Natural Resource Management Component
JaRco Consulting PLC is carrying out a Natural Resource Management (NRM) baseline survey high lighting issues relating to natural resource management in twelve (12) woreda’s in the Oromia, Somali, Afar, Gambella, and SNNP regions. The project is designed to: 1) support the strengthening of the Ministry of Federal and Pastoralist Development Affairs’ (MoFPDA) peacebuilding structures, tools and interventions and 2) build resilient communities by improving service delivery and natural resource management. JaRco consulting aims to assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of stakeholders related to service delivery, NRM, community level resilience and the GoE’s Climate Resilient Green (CRGE) strategy; establish baseline values against which accomplishments of the project will be gauged; and finally provide recommendations for effective programming & improved planning, strategy development and implementation of the project.
Palladium International Limited and Institute of Development Studies - Midline Evaluation Survey A Data Collection for the Private Enterprise Programme in Ethiopia (PEPE
JaRco consulting is currently conducting the Midline Evaluation Survey A Data Collection for the Private Enterprise Programme in Ethiopia (PEPE). The purpose of survey A is to analyse how core market firms – those through which PEPE intends to increase employment and draw on smallholder production – engage with supporting functions and rules. It then seeks to link these behaviors to changes in their performance. The survey will gather data about a wide range of business practices, constraints to performance, and actual performance of priority sector firms. JaRco is also supporting Palladium with the revision of the census of firms – including liaising with PEPE and GoE partners and gathering information from all relevant national institutions and federal and local-level trade associations.
Save the Children - Cross-Sectional Qualitative Study to Assess How Communities and Health Extension Workers Provide Care for Low Birth Weight Babies in Amhara and Oromia Regions, Ethiopia
JaRco Consulting is conducting a cross-sectional qualitative study to assess whether Low Birth Weight (LBW) babies (under 2500g) are identified and appropriately cared for by community health workers (Health Extension Workers/HEWs) and Health Development Amies/HDAs, mothers/caretakers and community members in Amhara and Oromia regional states of Ethiopia. The focus is the quality of frontline outputs of the Community Based Newborn Care (CBNC) program related to LBWs and its promotion of community-based management of LBW babies with effective techniques like Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC), Skin-to-Skin care (STS), exclusive breastfeeding and proper referrals.
Making Cents international - USAID/Ethiopia Cross-Sectoral Youth Assessment
JaRco is supporting the research needs of the Youth Power Learning Ethiopia Cross-Sectoral Youth Assessment Team by facilitating in-country focus groups; collecting and analyzing appropriate data; help identifying field-based translators; and providing additional research support services to the team. These services will be overseen by the Assessment Team Lead, Deputy Team Lead, and other Youth Power Learning staff.
WFP Lesotho: Evaluation of School Feeding in Lesotho (2000-2017)
JaRco is undertaking the evaluation of the Lesotho School Feeding program and three models. The evaluation will assess school feeding programming’s contributions to development objectives; this includes social protection, employment creation, poverty reduction and nutrition. It will establish the benefits of the national school feeding program beyond education outcomes of improving school enrolment, attendance and reducing drop-out rates; and make recommendations on what the Government of Lesotho and its development partners, including WFP, need to do to make school feeding and effective and efficient social safety net while contributing to wider development goals as envisaged in the national school feeding policy.
The Packard Foundation-Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Services to the Packard Foundation\'s Youth Challenge Initiative to Enhance Sexual and Reproductive Health in Ethiopia
JaRco will work with the Packard Foundation\'s Youth Challenge Initiative to Enhance Sexual and Reproductive Health in Ethiopia to provide Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Services. Our intended outcomes will include 1) expanded evidence base on comprehensive sexuality education and adolescent sexual and reproductive health and or delaying early marriage approaches; 2) increased technical support to strengthen project monitoring and evaluation; and 3) strategic communication of evidence on comprehensive sexuality education/adolescent and reproductive health.