• "IPA appreciates the work that JaRco has done for the organization and looks forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future."
    Innovations for Poverty Action, 2011
  • "We find JaRco Consulting to be equipped with diverse and professionally qualified staff"
    Intermon Oxfam, 2011
  • "JaRco Consulting performed successfully all the assigned tasks in a timely and professional manner"
    Catholic Relief Services, 2011
Our Expertise

JaRco has strong qualifications and experience in coordinating, conducting and administering a diverse range of small- and large-scale studies, including nationwide anthropometric measurement validation survey. Our experience often leads us to work closely alongside other international firms, as well as with Ethiopian Government departments. Many of our assessments and surveys conclude with validation workshops, in which we deliver comprehensive plans for dissemination, on-going implementation and scaling up.

Our Technical Capacity

JaRco Consulting has the capacity to conduct comprehensive surveys across all regions of Ethiopia as well as internationally (Somaliland, Tanzania and Senegal). In a recent survey conducted for UNICEF, we coordinated teams simultaneously throughout six regions of Ethiopia (Afar, Amhara, Oromia, SNNP, Somali and Tigray regions), in a total of 480 kebeles, to gather household-level data on selected health indicators such as MUAC (middle/upper-arm circumference) as well as other anthropometric measurements. A total of 11,000 households were interviewed as well as 480 qualitative interviews – focus-group discussions and key-informant interviews - were held across the study area.

Our Technology

JaRco Consulting offers our clients the use of Personal Digital Assistants for data collection in the field. These PDAs take the form of touch-screen hand held devices which are programmed using Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) software. Questionnaires can be programmed in any local language and our enumerators are experienced in using them in the field. There are numerous advantages of using PDAs over paper-based surveys, such as better data quality, faster data collection and reliable GPS recordings etc.

Our Data Quality Assurance

JaRco Consulting takes data quality seriously. From project inception, our program team ensure that tools are designed effectively, are pre-tested, are translated and back-translated with utmost care. JaRco’s supervisors have extensive experience in data checking both paper- and PDA/smart phone-captured data while in the field. Supervisors of enumerator teams are given tailor-made training for each project in conducting spot checks, performing back-checking, checking skip patterns and investigating errors.