Evaluation of the Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform- Kenya
The CCEOP Evaluation Team is led by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) and includes partners JaRco Consulting, Research and Development Solutions (RADS), and StatView International. The evaluation will be conducted in three countries including Kenya, Pakistan and Guinea. JaRco as part of The CCEOP Evaluation Team is a lead evaluation partners in the Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform (CCEOP) rollout in Kenya. This evaluation includes an assessment of CCEOP planning and implementation at four time points (baseline, midline, progress report, and endline) to gauge the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, outcomes, and sustainability of the CCEOP investment in Kenya. The results of the evaluation will help Gavi and the Government of Kenya understand and overcome the challenges to CCEOP implementation. The findings will also inform planning, scale-up, rollout, and implementation of CCEOP in other countries as Gavi expands the approach.
UNFPA - Baseline survey of UNFPA for 8th Country Program on preventing and responding to SGBV including HTP and rehabilitation of survivors
JaRco consulting is commissioned,to conduct Baseline Survey focusing on output 5 of the UNFPA Country Programme (CP). The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the level of current Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) and responses to Sexual and Gender-based Violence, and also the rehabilitation of survivors for the enjoyment of their fundamental Human rights in Ethiopia. This study also aims to obtain reliable and relevant data on the prevalence and forms of Harmful Traditional Practices (HTP).
World Bank - Evaluation of Baby WASH Project
Baby WASH is a relatively new concept developed following a detailed evidence review examining the links between poor water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions and early child development, particularly for babies and children under 3 years of age (CLTS 2012). Within the Ethiopia One WASH Consolidated WASH Account Project (One WASH CWA Project), these Baby WASH behaviors shall be addressed in mothers using evidence based behavior change communication. JaRco Consulting is local parent to conduct the Evaluation of the Baby WASH project in EThiopia.
Intimate Partner Violence Qualitative Study, Ethiopia SPIR
IFPRI is collaborating with World Vision, to conduct an impact evaluation to learn about I) the effectiveness of adding these main complementary activities to PSNP on livelihoods and nutrition; 2) the added benefit of enhancing the VESA livelihoods model with Social Analysis and Action (SAA), aspiration activities, and business development grants, and 3) the added benefit of enhancing the Nutrition BCC with increased male engagement and interpersonal therapy in groups (IPT-G) interventions to reduce maternal (and paternal) depression. In order to further explore how the complementary activity packages versus the PSNP only arm have the potential to affect intimate partner violence (IPV) and to explore the associated mechanisms, JaRco will conduct a qualitative study in the same study regions as the quantitative impact evaluation including in the Amhara and Oromia region of Ethiopia.
Population Council - Girl Education Project - External Evaluation of the Biruh Tesfa for All project. Photo credited PC
Biruh Tesfa for All – Ethiopia project is DFID funded project and implemented in partnership between Population Council, Humanity and Inclusion, Plan International and the Ministry of Education. The main objective of the project is to support out-of-school adolescent girls (either drop-outs or those who never attended), aged 10 to 19, to transition into formal schooling or employment and to gain skills to improve the quality of their lives. JaRco consulting is commissioned to conduct baseline, Midline and edline of this project.
PIN - CHANGE: Improving Access to Education in Ethiopia for Most Marginalized Girls Project. photo cerdited to PIN
DFID has financed this project and implemented by People In Need (PIN) and its partners. It is a five-year project from 2019 to 2023 aimed at reaching out-of-school (OOS) adolescent girls from four selected Ethiopian regions, namely Afar, Amhara, Oromia and Southern Nations, SNNPR. to commission an independent, mixed-methods, gender-sensitive evaluation for the next five years. The long-term baseline, midline and endline evaluations will identify, track and analyze the impact of the project on target beneficiaries and assess the delivery, effectiveness, value for money (VfM) and sustainability of the project and results.
COVID-19 4Mi Data Collection - Remot Data Collection
As a response to this global pandemic, governments across East Africa region implemented strict travel restrictions and widespread border closures starting in March. As part of the DFID Ethiopia Migration Programme, JaRco Consulting commissioned by DRC/MMC to provide support in conducting interviews and collecting data for the Ethiopia Migration Programme using remote data collection methods. JaRco is currently leading in conducting remote interviews and collecting data on migrants and refugees in order to understand the impact of COVID-19 on Mixed Migration in East Africa. Building on its 4Mi model, MMC has developed a specific COVID-19 survey which will provide a strong evidence base for future operational responses.
Baseline survey for Building Rural Income through inclusive Dairy business Growth in Ethiopia (BRIDGE) project
JaRco is commissioned to conduct baseline survey to systematically assess the initial situation of the dairy sector performance in the targeted dairy clusters at the start of BRIDGE. JaRco is responsible for planning, managing and carrying out the data collection among 1,200 faming households across 5 clusters in four regions (Amhara, ormia, SNNPR and Tigiry) and is expected to conduct the following activities: • JaRco is responsible for ensuring that required steps and processes are taken to generate high quality data and successful implementation of the data collection exercise. • JaRco is responsible for hiring, training and supervising staff for the quantitative data collection. • JaRco is responsible for procuring and providing staff with all survey equipment and materials needed including phones as well as managing all logistics. This includes organizing transportation, e.g. for GPS devices to field work locations, if needed. • JaRco is responsible for ensuring that the translation of the questionnaire into Amharic, Tigrigna, Oromifa and Sidamigna.
Evaluate the Impact on Sustainable Reintegration of the Assistance provided under the EU-IOM Joint Initiative in the Horn of Africa project
JaRco has entered into a contract with Itad to undertake work on the Kenya, IOM, Study to Evaluate the Impact on Sustainable Reintegration of the Assistance provided under the EU-IOM Joint Initiative in the Horn of Africa project
Log Term Agreemnt (LTA) with WFP to Provide Evaluation Services -QRSA-036b-19
JaRco Consulting has signed Long Term Agreement (LTA) with WFP to conduct evaluation of its country programs in eleven countries across the Southern Africa region including Namibia, Eswatini, Lesotho, DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar and Zimbabwe. The evaluation services is around three areas: Work Stream 1 (Evaluability Assessments) Work Stream 2 (Independent, credible & useful decentralized evaluations) Work Stream 5 (Conduct independent, credible and useful Country Strategic Plan Evaluations