JaRco Consulting is engaged in providing technical support to climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives as well as in the protection of natural resources.

Climate Change and Early Warning Systems

Our company is proficient in developing community-centered early warning systems and building community and government capacity to maximize upon such systems. We have developed comprehensive drought risk and vulnerability maps in the context of changing climate and different livelihood zones. Assessing the extent and type of vulnerability to natural shocks, particularly among pastoralist communities, is especially important in the design and implementation of resilience projects.

Natural Resource and Environmental Management

To ensure sustainable development, JaRco Consulting understands that natural resource conservation is essential to protecting investments for future generations. This is especially true of populations that depend entirely on their natural environment for survival, constituting the large majority of rural inhabitants. Our company offers assessments examining different aspects of environmental degradation, such as deforestation, freshwater reserves, erosion/ soil depletion and the protection of bio-diversity. These assessments aim to identify the human cost of such activities and provide recommendations on how to capitalize on future investments.
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