Our core values of integrity and diversity mandate the integration of gender considerations into all of our activities. Gender has been a growing underlying focus of our activities, manifesting itself through different types of studies.

Gender Analysis

Our company has conducted gender analysis studies in various regions of Africa to identify cultural, socio-economic, environmental and health-related processes and factors that subject women and girls to a life of subordination, discrimination and/ or marginalization. Many of our gender studies are linked with different aspects of health, such as women’s rights and HIV/AIDS prevalence or gender empowerment and harmful traditional practices. Gender analyses often entail in-depth approaches to examining gender roles and behaviours within selected communities and contribute to informing CSOs, (I)NGOs, as well as government initiatives in the protection of both men’s and women’s rights.

Harmful Traditional Practices

JaRco Consulting has conducted Monitoring and Evaluation activities for programs that aim to tackle harmful traditional practices, including early child marriage and female genital mutilation. For one particular baseline survey on early marriage, a household survey interviewed up to 4000 girls in Ethiopia to further understand the complex socio-economic and cultural factors that drive such behaviours. Evaluation activities on harmful traditional practices usually involve a comprehensive qualitative assessment of local knowledge, attitudes and practices from the selected communities. In accordance with our ethical procedures, our female enumerators have been trained on how to collect potentially sensitive information from vulnerable groups.

Gender-Based Violence

JaRco Consulting has previous experience conducting M&E activities for GBV programs. The activities aimed to investigate and document the prevalence and types of GBV in the targeted communities, to explore their determinants and understand how communities respond to the issue.
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