Our multidisciplinary staff members provide technical assistance to build the capacities of public and private health and nutrition agencies, enabling them to deliver effective programs. In addition to Monitoring and Evaluation services in health, we also provide the following:

Emergency and Non-Emergency Nutrition Assessments

Our company brings exceptional expertise in emergency nutrition, including situational analyses focusing on assessment of the specific causes of malnutrition in a particular setting. Our health experts are highly proficient in anthropometric measurement, data analysis and report preparation and providing recommendations to help judge the severity of a situation and ensure swift response to any given emergency. Throughout the process, we work towards rapid capacity building of staff members to ensure high quality of data collection, employing a wide variety of secondary data sources in order to promptly compile a picture of the emergency setting and provide guidance on appropriate interventions.
We utilize state-of-the-art assessment tools to conduct food security analyses within both emergency and non-emergency settings.

Health System Strengthening Services

Our company provides capacity building at all levels to ensure that health systems are optimally aligned, coordinated and data driven. We design systems that ensure efficient and accurate health commodity forecasting, warehousing, distribution, and information management.

Health Information Systems/Standardizing Healthcare Processes

Our trained district teams can undertake assessments of health services, identifying gaps in performance and designing solutions to support better decision-making and therefore better management of improved services.

Health Supply Chain Management

We work with partner agencies to better manage supply chains in all areas of the health sector. Given many of our qualified specialists have previously worked in health posts, centers and facilities across Ethiopia, we can offer valuable insight into the design of supply chain and management evaluation activities.

Health Facility Assessments

Across all of our evaluation activities, our teams are able to conduct comprehensive health facility assessments. These assessments may include, for example, an assessment of health staff capacity as well as health facility equipment, supplies, storage and reporting systems.
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