We recognize that donors are growing increasingly interested in the need to demonstrate results, and strong monitoring and evaluation systems are critical to ensure that agencies are able to track their progress to learn and ultimately evaluate the impact of their work. We help agencies to ensure that stated objectives are being achieved and recommend corrective action, if required, throughout the process.

Baseline Surveys and Socio-economic Studies

Conducting large scale socio-economic and baseline surveys for sector specific and integrated projects is our core activity. Our team of experts executes this task by utilizing evidence-based rigorous field research methods. Baseline surveys and socio-economic studies are designed to include the following elements:
  • Recommendations to strengthen the project at its initiation, including suggestions on designing and revising project objectives and strategies as well as streamlining indicators;
  • Situation analysis to ensure extensive and holistic understanding of the context, including comprehensive facts and figures related to a particular area; and
  • Benchmark development against each indicator to measure project outcomes and stated objectives.
Monitoring and Evaluation Studies

Leading international development organizations and their donors often outsource their Monitoring and Evaluation to an independent party in order to increase accountability, transparency and efficiency. We can provide regular monitoring and a wide range of evaluations to both track progress and to answer key evaluation questions, respectively. We implement both large- and small- scale evaluations, using quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to focus on mid-term and final phases of projects and programs.
Understanding the delicate balance between learning and accountability within the evaluation process, our team of experts implements custom-designed evaluation processes, based on the needs and requirements of the client, to ensure that the process is truly participatory and an opportunity for learning. We can provide you with:
  • M&E System Design: JaRco Consulting designs Monitoring and Evaluation systems from start to finish; each system is customized to the unique needs of the project.
  • Management Information Systems: JaRco Consulting designs automated Monitoring and Evaluation Systems using participatory methods. To facilitate efficient management of information to facilitate efficient management of information, our firm also provides backstopping, capacity-building training and follow-up activities in order to train staff members who will implement the system.
Capacity Building

We can provide on-demand tailored training programs for managers, M&E professionals and project implementers on the principles and approaches of Monitoring and Evaluation systems and best practices in Monitoring and Evaluation. We can also provide backstopping support, training on capacity building and follow-up activities for instructing the staff members who would implement the M&E system.

Data Quality Assurance

Our company designs service quality assessment tools, tailored to the specific context and project, to ensure standard quality services provided at the community level. Many health activities formerly executed by professionals are now implemented by community volunteer providers; we fulfill donors’ needs for ensuring that the services provided are of highest quality by designing testing tools, implementing them and providing feedback.